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Image Choices Documentation

Easily add images as choices for Radio Buttons or Checkboxes fields within Gravity Forms. Easily add images as choices for Radio Buttons or Checkboxes fields within Gravity Forms. Includes support for Survey, Poll, Quiz, Product and Options fields.

Gravity Forms image choices
How to add images to your Gravity Forms choices fields
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We’ve got you covered with all the latest Gravity Forms Image Choices add-on documentation to make support a breeze. Check out the below help articles to get started with how to use the add-on.

Disable styles completely (legacy)

With this filter added, you’ll need to add your own custom CSS to style the layouts and styles of all your image choices fields.

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Bulk Replace Image Choices URLs

Sometimes you need to bulk replace or change image URLs for your image choices. We’ve built a small utility plugin add-on to help with this.

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Integration with Gravity PDF

By default Gravity PDF will display the selected choice text or value. The image is stored as a custom value on the choice, separate to the text and value, but you can use one of Gravity PDF’s filters to get the image to display.

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Using Gravity Forms CSS Ready Classes

Image Choices works with Gravity Forms CSS Ready classes specifically the List classes.

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Images choices horizontally with a scrolling bar

Add the following Javascript to create a horizontal scrolling container (with a scrolling bar) to display all images on a single line in your form.

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Image Lazy Loading

For anyone not aware, lazy loading is the practice of delaying a load of resources until they’re actually needed, to improve performance and save system resources.

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Adding images to radio & checkboxs

To start adding images to your Gravity Forms, follow the simple steps below, please note, Gravity Forms Image Choices only works for Radio and Checkbox fields.

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Add light-boxes to your image choices

JetSloths Image Choices has a new image lightbox feature to allow image enlargement on any of your image choices. See how to show your images in lightboxes.

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Adding images to merge

Images now display in email notifications. When using the {all_fields} merge tag, the display is controlled by the Default Entry Display setting.

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Adding Custom CSS

It’s really easy to add custom CSS for styling the image choices in your forms. Of course if you’re a theme developer or have the ability to edit your theme’s CSS file you can add your styles there.

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Image Choices Themes

Our pre-built, theme skins included in the add-on are custom designed by our in-house JetSloth design team. See the themes that come included with the add-on.

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New styles and settings

Gravity Forms Image Choices 1.4 introduces new integrated themes and styles, layout control, improved stability, and much more! We’ve put hundreds of hours into essentially re-building Image Choices from the ground up.

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Gravity Forms Image Choices

Easily add images as choices for Radio Buttons or Checkboxes fields
within Gravity Forms

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Gravity Forms Image Choices

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