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Add light boxes to your image choices

You can now turn on the lightbox for image choices enabled fields. This will add a zoom/enlarge icon button on image choices in that field, opening a larger version of the image in a lightbox gallery. Select the image size to use for the lightbox in the Image Choices form settings.

Gravity Forms image choices
Image Choices with light box feature enabled

Using the Lightbox feature

Thankfully, we’ve made this super simple. Once you’ve got the latest version of Image Choices 1.2.0, to activate the lightbox feature, go to the field image choices tab and tick on the checkbox. You can control the image size that is output within the lightbox via the Image Choices settings page.

Note: if you’re enabling lightbox on an image choices field created before this update, you will need to remove and re-add the images.

Gravity Forms image choices Lightbox setting
Turn on the light box setting per field

Set the lightbox image quality

You can set the quality and size of the image that the lightbox will display. This setting can be set either at the global image choices setting or per form settings pages.

New light-box feature in Image Choices 1.2.0
Set the light box image size to the desired quality/size in form settings