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You can request a refund by contacting us here. You are entitled to a full refund within 30 days of your original purchase, no questions asked. We do ask that you give a valid reason and or feedback as to why you require a refund to help us better our products.

Before you request a refund

We understand there are many reasons why a refund may be requested, but before you rush to that outcome, contact our A++ support team and let us know what’s not working and we’ll be able to help. 90% of the time a simple email can address any issues or help you might need. Plus, we’re super friendly.

Ask Away

Questions you might have.

About JetSloth Gravity Forms Plugins

JetSloth’s certified Gravity Forms Add-ons make your forms look more engaging and more visually appealing. Our focus is on making forms beautiful and functional while producing amazing gravity Forms content and tutorials.

A small & nibble team

We’re a 2 man, dad team from Melbourne, Australia and we absolutely love what we do. No big corporate company here, just 2 Gravity Forms nerds trying to leave our mark in the WordPress & Gravity Forms community.

Amazing support

JetSloth has a reputation for providing excellent customer support for their Gravity Forms add-ons with a quick turnaround. Just check out our reviews to see what our amazing customers say.

Certified Developer

JetSloth is a respected developer in the Gravity Forms ecosystem, and their add-ons are highly regarded by users and developers alike.

Focus on innovation

JetSloth has a strong focus on innovation and design. Our goal is to make forms more accessible and functional to help with presentation, conversion and black magic to do all sorts of cool things.