Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections

Our latest addition to the JetSloth WordPress plugin family – Gravity Forms Collapsible Fields. In conjunction with Gravity Forms Image choices, these two plugins were made for each other. JetSloth – free & premium time saving WordPress plugins you can’t live without.

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Gravity Forms Bulk Add

We’ve all been there, needing to add another 30+ field to an already extremely long Gravity Form. Gravity Forms bulk add, allows you to add all of your favourite fields easily and quickly to a new or existing form.

Simply select the forms you want to add, edit the field labels, order the fields and you’re all set to go! Gravity Forms bulk add is the quickest way to add loads of fields to your forms in seconds.

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Gravity Forms Image Choices

Easily add images as choices for Radio Buttons or Checkboxes fields within Gravity Forms. Includes support for Survey, Quiz, Product and Options. No longer will you need to add image markup into Gravity Forms checkbox or radio field labels, this nifty plugin makes it easier to have stunning looking image selection fields at your fingertips.

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Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms

Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms offers users 1 click selection options to select all, none or inverted selections. Once you’ve selected the fields you need, your all set to start optimising your forms.

Selecting the right fields you need quickly has never been easier in Gravity Forms, and we’re just getting started. JetSloth – JetSloth – Free & Premium Time saving WordPress Plugins.

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Bulk Selection in Gravity Forms fields
Bulk Selection in Gravity Forms fields