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Fetcher for Gravity Forms provides inline links to common admin pages and actions. Perfect for users with several forms on their site, allowing you to easily access the form editor, entries, exports and more.

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Gravity Fetcher

Quick links within mouse reach.

Forms Fetcher displays inline links while logged in and browsing your site, for quick access to important and handy Gravity Forms admin actions like editing, exporting and more.

Gravity Forms Fetcher

Inline quick links

With Fetcher for Gravity Forms installed and activated on your WordPress website, every logged-in admin user will now see the inline Fetcher icon next to their Gravity Forms.

Inline action links to work faster.

For users with lots of Gravity Forms, having important and useful links displayed inline next to their forms, just makes sense and saves a bucket amount of time searching in the admin area.

Gravity Forms 2.7+

Fetcher is built to support the latest and greatest versions of Gravity Forms 2.7+ so you’ll always get the latest features and form stability.

Extend with Bulk Actions

Gravity Fetcher integrates seamlessly with our popular Bulk Actions Pro add-on. By having both add-ons installed, you can opt to show the bulk actions link also in your quick edit navigation.

Layout control

Control where you’d prefer the inline form navigation menu bar to live. Options are verticle, inline and docked.

Form management SOON

Lots of Gravity Forms? Fetcher also includes a folder management system to better manage and categories all your forms in Gravity Forms list.

Simple Pricing

All subscriptions are automatically renewed annually until cancelled. You may cancel your subscription at any time. Gravity Forms Fetcher requires Gravity Forms 2.7+ to be installed.

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Included Features

1 year Subscription
Gravity Fetcher
Unlimited installs
Install on unlimited WordPress site
Gravity Forms 2.7+
Minimum Requirements
Total (USD)
$12.00 / Year