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JetSloth Gravity Forms Add-ons

JetSloth Premium WordPress add-ons for Gravity Forms to enhance the look of your forms.

12,678+ happy customers

About JetSloth Gravity Forms Plugins

Out of this world Gravity Forms Add-ons.

JetSloth Premium WordPress add-ons for Gravity Forms to enhance the look of your forms. Sure we’re biased but with 6 WordPress Gravity Form Add-ons now established in the industry, JetSloth is building a name for creating great time-saving add-ons for Gravity Forms and WordPress.

And there’s a few more amazing add-ons on their way so be sure to checkout JetSloth Gravity Forms WordPress Add-ons below.


New Add-on

46+ happy customers

Gravity Forms Enhanced Choices

Redefine your choices fields with unparalleled flexibility and creativity by adding HTML embeds, images, buttons, lists, paragraphs, pills, custom headings to radio and checkbox fields.

Popular Add-ons

9,518+ happy customers

Gravity Forms Image Choices

Easily add images as choices for Radio Buttons or Checkboxes fields within Gravity Forms. Includes support for Survey, Quiz, Product and Options.

3,225+ happy customers

Gravity Forms Color Picker

Let users select from a pre-defined set of swatches you make available or even let your users select a custom hex value from the color picker.

Time savers

5,631+ happy customers

Gravity Forms Bulk Actions

Working with large forms, with lots of fields is more common than you may think. Gravity Forms Bulk Actions makes editing large forms super fast, like we mean super fast.

2,942+ happy customers

Gravity Forms Fetcher

Gravity Forms Fetcher injects inline edit links and more to give you quick access to important and handy Gravity Forms functionality like editing forms, exporting forms and more.

Form conversion

3,857+ happy customers

Gravity Forms Tooltips

Need to add tooltips to your forms to better enhance communication and messaging on your Gravity Forms? Tooltips add-on makes it easy to do just that!

4,491+ happy customers

Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections

Long forms are notorious for bad conversions, Collapsible Sections will convert your forms into beautifully displayed, easy to use, conversion generators.

Buy 6 of our add-ons and save.

Get 6 of our Certified Gravity Forms Add-ons for just $129 when you purchase the JetSloth Sloth Bundle and save a penny.

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Sloth Bundle

Why JetSloth

JetSloth’s certified Gravity Forms Add-ons make your forms look more engaging and more visually appealing. Our focus is on making forms beautiful and functional while producing amazing gravity Forms content and tutorials.

A small & nibble team

We’re a 2 man, dad team from Melbourne, Australia and we absolutely love what we do. No big corporate company here, just 2 Gravity Forms nerds trying to leave our mark in the WordPress & Gravity Forms community.

Amazing support

JetSloth has a reputation for providing excellent customer support for their Gravity Forms add-ons with a quick turnaround. Just check out our reviews to see what our amazing customers say.

Certified Developer

JetSloth is a respected developer in the Gravity Forms ecosystem, and their add-ons are highly regarded by users and developers alike.

Focus on innovation

JetSloth has a strong focus on innovation and design. Our goal is to make forms more accessible and functional to help with presentation, conversion and black magic to do all sorts of cool things.

Certified by Gravity Forms

JetSloth is proudly a Certified Gravity Forms Add-on developer as of 2020. As of 2020, JetSloth is officially a Gravity Forms Certified Developer, as well as all of our Gravity, Forms Add-ons becoming Gravity Forms Certified.

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