Adding color swatches

Adding color picker fields to new or existing fields is very easy. Follow the steps below for each type of form field to see what’s involved. Gravity Forms Color Picker supports and works with all the field types below:

  • Checkboxes Fields
  • Radio Fields
  • Single Line Text Fields

Adding Color Swatches to Checkboxes and Radio fields

Once the plugin is installed and activated. Either add a new checkbox field to your form, or if you already have on in the existing form, just click on the Use Colors tickbox.

Adding custom color selections to Single Line Text Fields

The same concept applies to single line text fields. Either add the single line text field to your form, or on the existing field, tick on the “Use colors” tickbox to activate Color Picker. Please note, you can note add pre-set color swatches to a single line text field. For this, use the above Radio and Checkbox method mentioned above.