Settings options

In each of your forms within the settings page, you have a bunch of settings you can control collapsible sections. These settings help control default open sections, accordion animations and custom CSS, all relevant to specific forms. To see global plugin settings, see the global settings options.

Open by default setting

Collapsible behaviour options
This option allows you to have control over which section within the form is open on load. You can also opt to have them all closed on page load by selecting the first option.

Collapsible behaviour

Here you have the option to enable one collapsible section to be open at any one time. With this option ticked on, everytime you open a collapsible section, the previous open section will close.

Footer placment

Submit button placement

This option allows you control over where the form footer (or submit button) is to appear. The options are after the last section, or within the last section which will hide it.

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