Gravity Forms Tooltips

Enhance your Gravity Forms with interactive tooltips for better conversions

Tooltips for Gravity Forms

Need to add tooltips to your forms to better enhance communication and messaging on your Gravity Forms? Gravity Forms Tooltips add-on makes it easy to do just that!

With a dynamic settings screen you can set the color, size and position of your tooltips and add unique tooltip content to every field within your Gravity Form.

Easily add styled Tooltips to any field in your Gravity Forms

We’ve built our plugin to easily add tooltips to any of your fields within Gravity Forms. Tooltips also work with all of our existing plugins like color picker, image choices and collapsible sections so you can enjoy our newest plugin with the combo of JetSloth plugins.

Give any field label a tooltip

With this Tooltips WordPress plugin you can add a new tooltip to every field in your form. Tooltips work with all core Gravity Forms field types so you’re not limited by field types.

Works with JetSloth’s
suite of plugins

Already using some of our popular Gravity Forms addons? Great news, Gravity Forms Tooltips works perfectly with our existing Gravity Forms addons such as Collapsible sections, Image Choices and Gravity Forms Color Picker.

Now there’s even more reason to get the Sloth Bundle and perfect the look of your Gravity Forms across your website.

Try the live demo

Settings options for
fine-grain control

Customise tooltips look and feel both from a global setting to affect all forms or override style settings contextually on a form by form basis. Control icons, font size, font color and more for your tooltip styles. Further customise each tooltip by adding custom CSS styles in your theme or website settings.

Gravity Forms Tooltip Settings screen
Gravity Forms Tooltip Settings screen
Gravity Forms Tooltips
  • Unlimited installs
  • Gravity Forms 2.5 + Compatible
  • Custom styles using editor
  • Compatible with all core field types
  • Compatible with Jetsloth add-ons
  • 1 year updates and email support
Gravity Forms Sloth Bundle
  • Gravity Forms Color Picker
  • Gravity Forms Bulk Action pro
  • Gravity Forms Image Choices
  • Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections
  • Gravity Forms Bulk Add
  • Unlimited installs
  • 1 year updates and email support
  • Gravity Forms 2.5 + Compatible

Purchasing Gravity Forms Tooltips allows you to use it on an unlimited number of websites. For continued support and updates, your license must be active. Renewals are annual and have a 25% discount.


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