Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections

Easily group your Gravity Forms fields into accordion-style sections

Better form conversion

Collapsible Sections for Gravity Forms allows you to easily streamline the way your users or customers interact with your large Gravity Forms. Make your long forms easier to navigate by grouping them into collapsible sections and increase your form conversion.

Long forms are notorious for bad conversions, Collapsible Sections will convert your forms into beautifully displayed, easy to use, conversion generators.

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Gravity Forms Collapsible Sectionsty-Forms

Group fields with Section breaks to add accordions

Collapsible Sections are simple to add to existing forms. Just add new sections to your form or update already existing section fields to activate the collapsible functionality. With the option to start and end collapsible sections anywhere within your form, you can group any number of fields together, then continue your form with normal fields as desired.

Collapsible options

With the plugin activated, you can easily turn your normal section fields into collapsible accordions. Have your section fields work as the start of a collapsible group, end a collapsible group, or work as a normal section field.

These options enable you to still have default section functionality within collapsible groups, section field inception basically.


Experimental custom styles

Feeling adventurous? Add some custom CSS styles to get your Collapsible Sections displaying in tabs like the example here. Please note, this is not a standard feature in the plugin, you’ll need to follow this tutorial to display your sections as tabs.

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Easily add custom styles

Just like Image Choices for Gravity Forms, we’ve added custom styling to Collapsible Sections to allow you to get amazing looking forms, because we care about beautiful looking forms just as much as you do. We’ve developed some great starter CSS you can use and further customise to suit your needs. See our support docs for more examples.

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Collapsable Sections
  • Gravity Forms 2.5+ Compatible
  • Unlimited installs
  • Add collapsable sections to any Gravity Form
  • Example custom styles
  • Compatible with Jetsloth Gravity Forms add-ons
  • 1 year updates and email support
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Purchasing Collapsible Sections allows you to use it on an unlimited number of websites. For continued support and updates, your license must be active. Renewals are annual manually billed via our checkout.