JetSloth Gravity Forms Add-ons

JetSloth Premium WordPress plugins for Gravity Forms are basically the best Gravity Forms Add-ons in the world. Sure we’re biased but with 6 WordPress Gravity Form Add-ons now established in the industry, JetSloth is building a name for creating great time-saving add-ons for Gravity Forms and WordPress. And there’s a few more amazing add-ons on their way so be sure to checkout JetSloth Gravity Forms WordPress Add-ons below.



Gravity Forms Tooltips

Need to add tooltips to your forms to better enhance communication and messaging on your Gravity Forms? Gravity Forms Tool Tips add-on makes it easy to do just that! With a dynamic settings screen you can set the color, size and position of your tooltips and add unique tooltip content to every field within your Gravity Form.

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Gravity Forms Sloth Bundle

Love all the JetSloth add-ons for Gravity Forms? I know we do! That’s why we’ve released a packaged deal to buy all 6 of our Gravity Forms Add-ons for just $129. That’s a saving of $150! I know, we’re super cool like that.

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Gravity Forms Color Picker

We’ve built our Gravity Forms Color Picker add-on off the back of our popular Image Choices add-on for Gravity Forms. Our Color Picker add-on works straight out of the box and works in the same manner that Image Choices does.

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Bulk Add Fields for Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Bulk Add

We’ve all & there, needing to add another 30+ field to an already extremely long Gravity Form. Gravity Forms bulk add, allows you to add all of your fields easily and quickly to a new or existing form.

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Gravity Forms Collapsible fields

Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections

Our latest addition to the JetSloth WordPress plugin family – Gravity Forms Collapsible Fields. In conjunction with Gravity Forms Image choices, these two plugins were made for each other.

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Bulk Actions Pro for gravity forms

Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms

Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms offers users 1 click selection options to select all, none or inverted selections. Once you’ve selected the fields you need, your all set to start optimising your forms.

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Gravity Forms Image Choices

Easily add images as choices for Radio Buttons or Checkboxes fields within Gravity Forms. Includes support for Survey, Quiz, Product and Options.

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