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See what’s coming to JetSloth

Take a sneak peek and see what’s coming to JetSlothat and what we’ve got planned for JetSloth for the rest of 2020 and into next year! Exciting things coming!

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See what's coming to JetSloth

Introducing JetBase

A new reimagined JetSloth home with more features, more interactive demos of our add-ons, new content areas, improved support documentation, overhauled customer dashboard experience and much more.

Completely re-designed from the ground up. Featuring fully re-written support documentation to include the new Gravity Forms 2.5+ versions and better step-by-step documentation and user guides.

A streamlined support request process to make getting support even quicker and easier.A whole new account login experience to make you feel right at home.

With a new customer experience, we’ve made managing your add-on purchase a breeze. Re-design and rebuilt from the ground up, we’ve focused on self-service as our main priority. Easily renew your licence keys, download add-ons, and invoices and view your purchase history all in one place.

With high demand from our customers, we’ll also be implementing yearly automatic renewals to take the hassle out of managing another annual renewal.

We’ve re-invented the ways we offer product bundles, so you can buy the add-ons you want, tailored for your project needs. Take advantage of admin, marketing or design bundles to group add-ons that work seamlessly together.

To showcase our Add-ons in the best possible way, we’re hugely excited to be working with digital artists to feature their work in all our interactive demos, taking our add-on showcases to a new, more creative level. 

These new demo showcases will also promote digital artists, helping their work get seen by new audiences. A way for JetSloth to give back to the community.