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Quick look at Gravity Forms 2.7 Beta-1

With the announcement of Gravity Forms 2.7 Beta-1 – let’s take a quick look and install the plugin and see what’s new! Who doesn’t like shiny new things?

Quick look at Gravity Forms 2.7 Beta-1

Install setup wizard

I’ve gotta say, the UI design on the newly rebuilt setup wizard is fantastic. The full-screen experience looks stunning and walks the user effortlessly through the whole setup process.

Quick look at Gravity Forms 2.7 Beta-1
Gravity Forms 2.7 setup wizard

Some new personalisation options appear as part of the 2.7 Beta-1 release, which I like. Guessing these questions will help Gravity Forms get a better understanding who and what their user bases use their products for.

Quick look at Gravity Forms 2.7 Beta-1
Gravity Forms 2.7 setup

Form Template Gallery

The new Gravity Forms template gallery will make it so much easier to start with established forms. You can then customises the fields to how you need them. I can see this saving user a lot of time. Might I mention the interface, once again looks amazing and very clean, and easy to use. Well done Gravity Forms.

Quick look at Gravity Forms 2.7 Beta-1
Gravity Forms form Template Gallery

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