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Edit Large Gravity Forms in bulk. Can you edit your Gravity Forms this fast?

With our popular Bulk Actions Pro for Gravity Forms, you can edit long forms with endless amounts of fields in record time. BAP for Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin offers users 1 click selection options to select all, none or inverted selections. Once you’ve selected the fields you need, your all set to start optimising your forms.

Selecting the right fields you need quickly has never been easier in Gravity Forms, and we’re just getting started.

Bulk edit fields allows for quick editing options across selected fields. Edit individual field labels, add field class names, or set the required status across multiple fields. Need to apply the same option to all your fields? We’ve got you covered!

With this plugin – multi-select any form fields and instantly duplicate them inline to streamline your Gravity Forms workflow.

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Gravity Forms Bulk Actions

Working with large forms, with lots of fields is more common than you may think. Gravity Forms Bulk Actions makes editing large forms super fast, like we mean super fast.