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Like any good startup, our first plugin, Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms, came about when we were working on a client website. We had developed a custom WordPress theme for their site, which was a finance portal of sorts. They had a number of Gravity Forms, each with a tonne of sections and fields, as you can imagine.

Every time the client came back with updates to the form, you can probably imagine how painstaking editing dozens of fields per form was. As much as we love Gravity Forms, there was just no quick way to bulk edit fields within the default form editor.

We needed to move entire sections or groups of fields around the form, and doing this one field at a time took hours! So after the first couple of rounds my co-founder and I whipped up a Javascript snippet, copy-pasted it direct into the developer console in Chrome and tested our little hack out.

Not only did it work super well, it saved us a stack of time on the project. From that little code snippet we wrote, we knew other Gravity Forms users around the world could do with this gem, and just like that JetSloth was born!

We still have that code snippet saved on our computer today! We obviously built upon that initial hack, rewrote it into a proper Gravity Forms addon, and Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms has grown with even more functionality. It’s still one of our favorite plugins we’ve released to date!

JetSloth the name? Well no amazing story here. It was actually a fairly clinical process. We knew we wanted something interesting and left of center. It probably only took a couple of hours over lunch to come up with it.

We knew wanted to use some kind of animal in the name, so that we could include that in our logo mark or as a mascot for the brand.

We Googled interesting animals and fairly quickly realised, who doesn’t love Sloths? More importantly, they related to our personalities perfectly!

We loved the idea of playing with words and juxtapositioning something slow like a Sloth, with something all about speed, a Jet. Hence, JetSloth was our new brand name. The domain was available, the brand had its first product, and a great name we all loved.

We’ve been collecting Sloth toys ever since!
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