Getting Started

Here is a quick installation and quick guide setup to install Gravity Forms Image Choices and how to add them into your forms.

Installing the plugin

Install the plugin as you normally would any other WordPress plugin. If you need more help with this, visit Gravity forms documentation on how to install their plugin, follow these steps to install Image Choices plugin also. Install a WordPress plugin.

Adding images to forms

To start adding images to your Gravity Forms, follow the simple steps below, please note, Gravity Forms Image Choices only works for Radio and Checkbox fields.

  1. Navigate to the Gravity Forms, form editor page for a specific form
  2. Add a Radio or Checkbox field
  3. Click the toggle in the general tab to turn on “Use Images”
  4. Click add media to add images via the WordPress media window
  5. To remove images, hover over the image thumbnail and click the close “X”

Adding Image Choices to Gravity Forms