Allowing custom colors

Within Color Picker, you can create color swatches to let your users select from a pre-defined set of colors. That option can be achieved by using either checkbox or radio fields in your form. However, you can allow your users to select custom colors using the color wheel popup.

There’s a couple of ways to achieve this, depending on your needs. See how to and live examples below.

Allow custom colors with Radio and Checkbox fields

To allow your users to choose a custom color in your color picker, just enable the standard Gravity Forms “other” choice tickbox. This will add the color wheel popup to display. This applies to both checkbox and radio fields within Gravity Forms.

Live demo

Allow custom colors with Single line text fields

By default, if you turn on “use colors” on a single line text field, you’ll be given no option to add pre-defined color swatches, rather just a custom color wheel popup. This works well in scenarios when you don’t need to show your users a pre-set range of colors to choose from, and just need your users to select a custom color on the fly. See the live example below of a single line text field with the color picker option enabled.

Live demo