Updates to Bulk Actions & Image Choices for Gravity Forms – December 2017

December 7, 2017 by JetSloth

Updates to Bulk Actions and Image Choices for Gravity Forms – Minor bug fixes and feature add-ins to our popular plugins Bulk Actions & Image Choices – Update now!  We’ve made a few tweaks and bug fixes to our most popular plugins which we think you’ll love. The biggest, of course, is the ability to now edit admin labels within Bulk Actions Pro.

Bulk Actions Pro for Gravity Forms v1.2.10

After much customer feedback and requests, we had a fair amount of users asking to allow Bulk Actions Pro to edit the admin field label in bulk. With the release of Bulk Actions v1.2.10 this feature has now been rolled out. Our Updates to Bulk Actions and Image Choices for Gravity Forms are now available in your account dashboard..

Edit admin labels


You can now edit the Admin Label for fields in Bulk Actions – both the Free and Pro versions. Select the field(s) you want and click edit. You’ll now see the Admin Label next to the Field Label. This can be edited individually or in bulk just like you’ve been able to do for Field Labels. See the plugin changelog below.

Bulk Actions Pro Changelog

Image Choices for Gravity Forms v1.1.10

A couple of minor bug fixes for our beloved Image Choices for Gravity Forms add-on also.

For forms with calculation fields, where the formula included fields with Image Choices it wasn’t updating the calculation on changes to Image Choices selections. We’ve updated our javascript to fix the issue. So update to the latest version to easily integrate Gravity Forms calculations into your Image Choice related fields. See the plugin changelog below.

Image Choices Changelog

Edit Large Gravity Forms in bulk. Can you edit your Gravity Forms this fast?