New Clean Image Choices skin with demo CSS

March 2, 2021 by JetSloth

Image Choices for Gravity Forms

We’re constantly working on and developing new and exciting designs for you to use in your Gravity Forms to make your forms look great.

New Clean Image Choices skin with demo CSS

Simple version

Want just a simpler version to add to your radio buttons? No worries, we’ve added a new support page with demo CSS you can use also that might suit your needs better.

Custom Styles – Clean

Copy the CSS

Copy the below CSS and paste it into your form’s Image Choices settings.

Once you’ve copied the supplied CSS, navigate to your forms settings screen and paste the CSS into the custom CSS box within Image Choices settings screen.

Add the custom Class names

You’ll also need to add a custom class name .image_choices_categories to the first radio field, and .image_choices_locations to the second image choices fields so you can get the different styles working. The .image_choices_categories class will give it the inline smaller thumbnail styles while the .image_choices_locations class name will give it the larger thumbnail styles.

Form elements

The second radio field for locations has conditional logic set to each of them so the appropriate field shows when you select the relevant categories from the first field.

It’s all too hard – just give me the form export, please

All sounding too hard? we get it. So we’ve made the form we worked with available for download and import into your Gravity Forms. Download the form JSON below and import it into your form to get most of the hard work done for you. if you’re not sure how to import a Gravity form see how it’s done here.

Download Form

Also, make sure you include the forms title when you embed the form into your page, if that’s what you want, example

gravityform id=”YOU_FORM_ID” title=”true” description=”false” ajax=”true”


Download the latest Gravity Forms Image Choices

Download here