Major update to Image Choices – v1.1.1

July 17, 2017 by JetSloth

We’ve had an amazing reaction to our release of the JetSloth Image Choices add-on for Gravity Forms over the past months, furthermore, some great feedback on how to improve the plugin and add some new features.

Well my sloth loving humans, you asked, and the sloths listened.

Image Choices add-on for Gravity Forms v1.1.1

Image choices comes with some nifty new features and improvements. A lot of old bugs have now been addressed and new features around viewing entries developed.

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Updated media library UI

The latest version has an updated media library UI to include image size selection.

Image choices for gravity forms

Entry display

We’ve added settings for how image choices entries should display. Settings are available at form level as well as within each field (in the Appearance tab). Select between the combination of text values, images and or both.

Image choices for gravity forms

Quickly remove all choices

We’ve added a new ‘Remove All Choices’ button to clear all choices in the field (in the form editor). Great when you need to re-populate image choices fields.

Image choices for gravity forms


We’ve made a lot of progress since our initial launch, check out the changelog below