Group Gravity Forms fields into collapsible sections with JetSloth’s Collapsible Sections plugin

July 3, 2017 by JetSloth

The team at JetSloth are super excited to introduce our soon to be released Gravity Forms plugin. The new Gravity Forms Collapsible Field groups plugin allows you to add collapsable accordion to groups of fields using the standard Gravity Forms section field and Gravity Forms Collapsible Field groups.

The section field acts as a start and finishes for the group of fields you want to combine in once easy to use collapsible accordion. Works great on long existing forms or even new ones. Just install the plugin and group your fields using the section field. Pretty simple.

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Custom styled demo with CSS

How it works

It’s super easy to use the plugin. Add a section field either to an existing form or new form and activate the plugin. Once activated, the Gravity Forms Collapsible Field groups plugin looks for section fields and wraps them in containers along with some Javascript to inject the accordion functionality. it’s light weight and can easily be added to existing forms without any issues. Just tick on the option to activate specific section breaks to act as collapsible fields.


Section break activated as a collapsible field


Collapsible field settings and activation

Contextual form settings


A heap of settings allows you to get your form working and looking just how you need. JetSloth for the win. We know what

We know what you’re thinking, we’re in love too! Spread the love.

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