Display your image selections in notifications using merge tags

March 22, 2019 by JetSloth

JetSloths Image Choices 1.1.14 has introduced a well-requested feature to include and display image selections into email notifications. With this you can display the image a user selected from your forms, both in admin entries, and all email notifications, be it the default Gravity Forms notification email or your own custom-built HTML email notifications. More details on how to display your image selections in notifications using merge tags

Images in email notifications

Get creative with your email notifications and present your user’s image selections in great looking custom HTML email notifications. See an example of both image choices in default email notifications and a custom designed HTML notification.

Live demo

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Image Choices & merge tags

Images now display in email notifications. When using the {all_fields} merge tag, the display is controlled by the Default Entry Display setting. Continue to display your image selections in notifications using merge tags below.

When using specific field merge tags, add the :image modifier to display the image (eg {Field:1:image}. Default display size is 80px wide. You can also specify a different size by appending an underscore and pixel value. For example {Field:1:image_100px}.

Specify per field how you want the merge tag to output

  • Use global form settings (default)
  • Just the text value
  • only the image
  • the label
  • Both image and label
  • Both image and value

Image Choices notification display

Easily have your image choices display in your notifications with the {all_fields} merge tag, or specify individual field merge tags, with image size customisation, as seen below.


To grab the latest version of Image Choices, currently, the best and easiest way is to log into your JetSloth account and download the latest version.