Bulk Actions Pro, now lets you copy fields to multiple forms in one go

July 26, 2019 by JetSloth

One feature we love about Bulk Actions Pro was the ability to send individual or a group of fields to another form, saving time having to duplicate these. We’ve now extended this functionality to make it even easier to copy many fields to other gravity forms. After a lot of additional plugin development, we’ve made it possible to send fields from one from to another super easily.

Bulk Actions Pro, since v1.2.22, you can now multi-select multiple forms and duplicate fields to those forms. Pretty rad right? Check out a demo below. Log into your account to update to the latest version or update from your WordPress dashboard.

Ever needed to copy a group of fields from a form into either a new or existing form? The ‘Copy to form’ function in Bulk Actions for Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin allows you to quickly build new forms based on preexisting fields across all your forms. This is great for users that find themselves reusing similar form fields across a number of gravity forms.

Bulk Actions Pro for Gravity Forms is one of our most popular Gravity Forms Add-ons, with over 3,000 + happy customers using it every day! Be sure to grab a copy to see how it can save you literally hours of form editing time every day.